A 2lb coffee pack to fuel up on fresh roasted
Reserva Juracán & El Chupacabra Colombia



Double-Up 2 lb Coffee Pack

A 2lb two-pack, to fuel up on freshly roasted Reserva Juracán and Chupacabra Puerto Rico x Colombia 

Medium roasted to peak flavor in small batches, at our roastery in San Juan, PR for you to enjoy. Save on coffee when buying in bulk with included Free Shipping as an added Thank You for all your support.

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Whole Bean • Café en Grano

    • El Chupacabra – Puerto Rico x Colombia  • 2 lb 2-pack
    • Reserva Juracán • 2 lb 2-pack
    • Reserva Juracán & El Chupacabra Colombia  • 2 lb 2-pack


Tasting Notes

Reserva | Juracán 

  • Chocolate notes
  • Aromatic
  • Medium body
  • Balanced acidity
  • Clean finish 

Tasting Notes

El Chupacabra Puerto Rico x Colombia

  • Chocolate 
  • Citrus
  • Aromatic
  • Medium body


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** Note all Ground Coffee is Ground Fresh To Order, as a result you may notice the bag is resealed, this is because all our coffee’s are in whole bean and we grind and seal on site at the Roastery before shipping,  to ensure freshness ** Thank You for supporting our local coffee agriculture

Additional information

Coffee Duo

Mixed Duo • Whole bean – 2lb Juracán + El Chupacabra Colombia, Mixed Duo • Ground – 2lb Juracán + El Chupacabra Colombia, (2X) 2lb Juracán • Whole bean, (2X) 2lb Juracán • Ground, (2X) 2lb El Chupacabra Colombia • Whole bean, (2X) 2lb El Chupacabra Colombia • Ground