Grosche MILANO Moka Pot in Stainless Steel

Enjoy espresso style coffee at home and share with the whole family with this 6-Cup or 10-Cup Moka Pot in Stainless Steel.
This stovetop espresso maker from Grosche is ideal for Glass Induction stovetops, gas stove tops, camping set ups or electric coil stoves.
Like it’s predecessor this Grosche Moka brews a strong and rich espresso style coffee, perfect for all your favorite coffee house drinks
– latte, cortado, café con leche, cappuccinos and more.

  • Ideal for Glass Induction stovetops, gas, camping, or electric coil stoves.
  • Most durable Stainless Steel with premium matte speckle black top
  • Stainless Steel handle and Italian Safety Valve
  • Available in 6 Cup  (9.3 oz)   or  10-Cup  (16.9 oz ) 
  • Every Milano Steel sold provides 50+ days of safe drinking water

The Milano Stainless Steel Espresso coffee maker is available in : Cup  -or-  10 Cup
The actual capacity of the espresso makers is :

6 cup is  9.3 fl. oz – Steel Black
10 cup is  16.9 fl. oz – Steel Black

Additional information

Weight N/A

6 Cup – Milano Steel Black, 10 Cup – Milano Steel Black