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We gathered all the favorites into perfect bundles that will ship free this month. Yours to keep, to share and a bit of both! 

Gustos Premium Coffee and Miir Camp Cup Bundle Combo Breaker



Two classic best-sellers that make the best duo ever!  Featuring our medium-roasted premium selection coffee from Puerto Rico and XX Years of Gustos anniversary MiiR camp cup.

Miir Camp Cup 

  • Cool to the touch , keeps your coffee, tea or favorite drink hot or cold for hours.
  • press fit lid  helps minimize spilling
  • Modern take on the classic enamel cup
  • 12 oz Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum Insulated
  • Matte White Finish
  • Custom art design

Gustos Premium Selection | Your choice of Whole Bean or Fresh Ground

  • Deep chocolate notes
  • Full body 
  • Low, complex acidity
  • Rich, aromatic
  • Brilliantly balanced
  • 12 oz Whole bean or  12 oz Fresh ground.

Free Shipping

*All  Bundles apply for Free Shipping


Hand-thrown Ceramic Duo



As part of our ” Better Together” bundles this ceramic espresso set includes one of each color to share or to keep. 

When we set out to make a new, meaningful product we searched for the finest, experienced artists and arrived at Senay Yildiran’s amazing craftsmanship and passion. We are so lucky to have been able to work with her and we are certain you will fall in love with these beautiful hand thrown, hand crafted espresso cups that are also great forCortados” and Macchiatos if you like! Uniquely made for Gustos Coffee Co. and You! Makes for an amazing gift for yourself or your favorite human.

  • Beautifully handmade, the hard way.
  • 3.5 oz Ideal for espresso, cortado & macchiato.
  • Each piece is slightly different making them unique works of art.
  • Includes one White and one Black ceramic cup.
  • Sold as a set limited quantity
  • Free Shipping to US & PR

*All  Bundles apply for Free Shipping


Juracán Adjuntas Las Marías Puerto Rico Single Origin Bundle Set



A great introduction to our limited, small-batch coffees in a gift ready box.

This special selection reflects our finest Single Origin and Origin Blend offerings from the best farms in Puerto Rico. Treat yourself or your favorite human to a taste of Gustos Reserva.

PR Origin Trio:

  • Las Marías (Single Origin) 
  • Adjuntas (Single Origin)
  • Juracán (Origin Blend)
  • Whole Bean / Medium Roast
  • Gift box included
  • Free Shipping! USA & PR
  • Limited availability
  • Stock up and save today.

*All  Bundles apply for Free Shipping*


Free Shipping Double Up Specialty Coffee Pack


Whole bean 2lb 2x

A 2lbs two-pack to fuel up on freshly roasted Reserva Juracán and El Chupacabra. Double up on our best sellers and get Free Shipping on us! 

Choose from three available packs

  • Mixed Duo  Includes one 2lb bag of El Chupacabra  & one 2lb bag of Gustos Reserva Juracán.
  • (2x) 2lb Gustos Reserva – Juracán  ( Two 2lb bags of Juracán )
  • (2x) 2lb El Chupacabra  – PR x Colombia ( Two 2lb bags of El Chupacabra )

Tasting Notes:

Juracán has smooth chocolate undertones, a strong, captivating aroma with a clean finish offset by medium body that’s delicately balanced.

El Chupacabra is a specialty blend highlighting our best coffee from our farm in Yauco, Puerto Rico blended with special coffee from the regions of Manizales and Medellín Colombia. This specialty blend has a full, clean body with deep chocolate notes, caramel aroma with light hints of vanilla and citrus. 

  • Whole Bean
  • Medium Roast
  • Two x 2lb Bags (4lb )
  • Free Shipping! To US & PR
  • Stock up and save today.

*All  Bundles apply for Free Shipping*


El Chupacabra Specialty Coffee Yauco Puerto Rico and Klean Kanteen Gift set


Puerto Rico X COLOMBIA

El Chupacabra Coffee & Kanteen Set

We teamed up with Klean Kanteen for their tried and true solutions to help you take your favorite coffee (or any drink) with you. This Better Together’ Coffee and Kanteen Set is designed to last a lifetime and go anywhere you do

Set includes  8 oz of El Chupacabra Puerto Rico x Colombia in your choice of  Whole Bean or Fresh Ground and a 12 oz insulated Klean Kanteen to keep your coffee  just the way you like it. 

Tasting Notes El Chupacabra Puerto Rico x Colombia Blend Chocolate, Caramel aroma with light hints of vanilla and citrus. Full body texture, Medium roast, bright acidity with a clean and sweet finish.

*All  Bundles apply for Free Shipping


MiiR camp cup and 12 oz tumbler gift set duo



Miir Camp Cup & Tumbler Duo

Enjoy your morning coffee longer with this double-wall insulated travel tumbler and camp cup duo set. Keep your lattes and brews at the right temperature with this everyday carry duo as you reduce waste and help the environment. 


  • Medical grade stainless steel doesn’t transfer flavor & no metal aftertaste
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • Keeps cold / stays hot
  • BPA Free/ 12 oz
  • Matte White Camp Cup
  • Matte Black Tumbler
  • Easy to clean
  • Sold as a set
  • Free Shipping

*All  Bundles apply for Free Shipping


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One of a kind expressions, carefully selected and roasted to peak flavor. Our Reserva harvest highlights the best our land and our people have to offer.

Gustos Reserva Specialty Coffee Single Origin Juracan Puerto Rico 8 oz Whole Bean Grano

Gustos reserva | JURACÁN

Whole bean 8 oz

Gustos Reserva | Juracán

Taíno deityCacique of the wind

Salvaging what little coffee crops were left over from the devastation caused by hurricane maría back in 2017, Our Limited edition  blend, “Juracán” was born. Today we bring back this single origin blend that highlights some of our favorite regions: Yauco, Lares, Adjuntas and Las Marías. Roasted to peak flavor, blended for a smooth and comforting cup. 

Tasting Notes

Juracán has  chocolate undertones, a strong, delicious aroma with a clean finish offset by medium body that’s delicately balanced.

We truly hope you enjoy this small batch roasted, origin blend  honoring the lives of those who continue to push Puerto Rico forward.

PR Single Origin blend

Altitude: 1,800 - 3,000+ ft 

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium

Whole Bean: 8 oz



Gustos Reserva Specialty Coffee Single Origin Adjuntas Puerto Rico 8 oz Whole Bean Grano

Gustos reserva | ADJUNTAS

Whole bean 8 oz

Gustos Reserva | Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

The City of the “Sleeping Giant” and the “Tierra de Lagos” is home to one of the most beautiful forest reservations, including the sixth tallest peak and eleven fresh water lakes, in the island of Puerto Rico.

A land rich in agricultural history influenced by the Cordillera Central mountains, it’s cool climate and heavy rainfall give Adjuntas a unique micro-climate unlike anywhere else.

We are proud to have this single-origin harvest for you to enjoy.

Tasting Notes

  • Sweet plum and chocolate
  • Light toasted sesame notes
  • Clean and balanced cup
  • Smooth body and light acidity

Altitude: 2,200 - 2,500 ft 

Class: Single Origin Adjuntas, PR

Process: Washed 

Roast: Medium

Whole Bean: 8 oz


Gustos Reserva 8 oz Peaberry Caracolillo Whole Bean Coffee Puerto Rico

Gustos reserva | PEABERRY

Whole bean 8 oz

Gustos Reserva | Peaberry Yauco, PR

An intensive labor of love, these hand selected beauties are sorted and prized for their dense and sweet taste. It’s amazing these rare beans grow on the same coffee trees as our Yauco Reserva. Only about 5% of the cherry tree’s harvested produce singleton peaberry beans. Enjoy this rewarding cup from our loving farm in Yauco.

Tasting Notes

  • Chocolate
  • Almond notes
  • Shade grown
  • Complex acidity
  • Clean finish
  • Balanced cup.

Altitude: 3,000 ft

Class: Single Origin, Yauco PR

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium

Whole Bean: 8oz


Gustos Reserva Specialty Coffee Single Origin Las Marias Puerto Rico 8 oz Whole Bean Grano

Gustos reserva | LAS MARÍAS

Whole bean 8 oz

Gustos Reserva | Las Marías Puerto Rico

El “Pueblo de la china dulce” resides in the western region of Puerto Rico, at the foothills of the Cordillera Central mountain chain, neighbor to the legendary coffee towns of Maricao and Lares.

A varied climate, steep mountain slopes and it’s many fresh water springs give Las Marías a unique year-round weather, perfect for this special coffee production.

We are grateful to have this unique limited harvest, medium roasted to peak flavor highlighting the terroir of Las Marías.

Tasting Notes

Hints of toasted almond and creamy chocolate are complimented by a smooth body and a clean, balanced cup.

Altitude: 1,800 ft

Class: Single Origin, Las Marías Puerto Rico

Process: Washed 

Roast: Medium

Whole Bean 8 oz



Discover our curated selection of goods and bring on the New Year with the season’s best offerings. Shop specialty blends, fine coffees and learn more about our favorite items.

Masterfully roasted

El Chupacabra

An Experimental Blend Series


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