Following the devastation of hurricane María, coffee farms in Puerto Rico suffered a massive, collective loss upwards of 18 million trees, leaving farmers full of uncertainty with little to no future in sight.

Previous low-yielding coffee seasons in the mountains of Yauco were about to be replenished, just as farmers readied themselves for a fruitful harvest. The category five storm brutally struck the island causing widespread destruction.


Providing a lasting solution is part of our responsibility and commitment towards a sustainable future. Gustos Foundation currently supports 100 registered coffee farmers every year by donating to each one 1,000 ready-to-plant frontón, limaní and obata coffee trees.

By choosing these roya resistant varieties we’ll be aiding our farmers to plant a more prosperous and brighter tomorrow.

*Pictured view of the foundation nursery where we monitor, water & organically grow roya resistant coffee trees.

  • Nacho has been a farmer and industry leader since 1977. Named after his father, Ignacio is well known in the farming community of Yauco and nearby towns of Adjuntas, Las Marías, Maricao, Lares and Jayuya. He currently resides in the town of Yauco, but his original home is back at the farm, neighboring our own, in Sector La Montaña.

    Feeling broken by the immediate loss of over 133 acres of planted coffee trees, including his home as a result of hurricane María, Ignacio left the island for weeks in search of clarity and new direction.

    While away, he learned that his passion and purpose in life was rooted in Puerto Rico, working the land at his farm in Yauco.

    Presently, he is now leading the day-to-day agricultural efforts of the Gustos Foundation, alongside his wife and community leader, Marian Martínez Vidal,

  • Nacho and Marian take care after our coffee fields by planting each seed by hand alongside a select group of experienced farmers and volunteers.

    They also carefully inspect and asses the lands of those farmers who will be receiving the donated trees, to ensure a higher yield and successful harvest.

    Puerto Rican farmers faced uncertainty during the aftermath of the storm due to a lack of financial aid and limited access to resources.

    Since the introduction of the Gustos Foundation and through the avid support from everyone who purchases Gustos Coffee, farmers are once again empowered and provided with the biggest help of all: coffee trees that will thrive!

    This will enable them to earn a sustainable living that will provide stability and growth to their families for generations of the finest hand crafted coffee.


Wear your support for Puerto Rico's Coffee agriculture.

Each pin is a direct donation to support local coffee farms, and their families with ready-to-plant trees.

Size of the pin is 1.25″ and includes a sturdy metal clutch to make sure your pin stays securely in place on your favorite hat, jacket or bag. Also available at our Matadero and Miramar coffee shops. This item is available as an add-on to your coffee purchases during checkout.


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