How to manage your new Gustos Coffee Subscription

How to manage your new Gustos Coffee Subscription


The coffee subscription services are a great way to enjoy freshly roasted Puerto Rican coffee without having to worry about the hassle of going out and finding it. In this quick guide, we’ll go over the most common questions regarding your subscription to Gustos Coffee.


Managing your coffee subscription is easy! Simply Log In, to have access to your Account, You can find it on our website’s menu from either desktop or mobile.

*”We encourage you to access your account settings from a desktop browser when making changes as it gives you a wider field of view, is more comfortable to manage. and you lessen the risk of making mistakes.”

Navigate to the login menu, located on the top right corner next to Wholesale. – click where it says “Login“.

You’ll then be presented with a pop up screen to enter your existing credentials. If you have yet to subscribe and want to sign up for a new free user account, you may do so here.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the My Account Dashboard. Where you’ll be greeted with easy quick-access buttons for managing all aspects of your account.

Account Overview Desktop Menu
My Account Dashboard Menu – manage all your settings from here

From your Account page you have quick access buttons to shopping for All Coffee & Coffee Bundles as well as access to view all the details of your:

  • Recent Orders
  • Edit your Credit/Debit card information
  • Edit your Shipping & Billing Address
  • View Gift Card(s) Balance
  • Edit Account Information
  • Manage your Coffee Subscriptions


In the subscription management section of your account, you can:

  • View your next auto-renewal date
  • Update your payment information for your subscription
  • Change the frequency of delivery
  • Pause or Cancel your subscription


Managing your subscription orders

In your account menu, Select and Click on the ” Subscriptions ” button, then scroll down to see your current coffee subscription orders.

At first glance – you’ll see the order number and the renewal date of all your coffee subscriptions. Clicking on the order number or the “view” button – will take you to each individual order’s detail.

” If you haven’t placed a subscription order yet, then this area will be blank and notify you there aren’t any orders yet. 


Once you click on the “view” button you’ll be taken to a new screen which gives you all the specific details of your order.

From here you can further edit your subscription details, such as pausing, change your subscription address , your payment details, delivery frequency and cancelling a subscription.


If you need to update or edit your subscription’s Shipping Address you can easily access it from your Subscription’s Order page selecting ” Change Address” or directly from the main account page, by selecting “ Edit Address”.

You will then be prompted to choose either billing or shipping. – Select Shipping Address.

Step 1. Editing Your Shipping Address in Your Account
Step 2. Fill out new address

Once you are done filling out the new address information, towards the bottom of the form, you’ll notice a blank ☑️ check box, that says :

” Update the Shipping Address used for all future renewals of my active subscriptions ”

make sure to select it to apply these changes to all future subscription renewals.

Step 3. – Select the check box above to ensure all future subscription renewals are updated with your new address.

You’ve successfully updated your subscription address.


If you would like to change the delivery amount or frequency of coffee being delivered, you may do so by viewing your subscription orders.

In your Account dashboard :

Go to > Subscriptions, where you will see your current active subscription orders.

Click on ” View ” . Once you are in your order details, you will scroll down and navigate towards the buttons labeled ( 1 ) Change Quantity / ( 2 ) Change Subscription.

Selecting Change Quantity ( 1 ) – you’ll see a quantity checkbox appear – then you can select a new quantity amount.

* Note* make sure to not leave the quantity on zero ( 0. ) or you’r order will not process.

( If cancelling, please select cancel subscription from your Subscription Order page. )

Change Subscription ( Delivery Frequency ) ( 2 )

Once you arrive at the Subscriptions section of your Account, click “Change Subscription” button – to change the scheduled delivery from 1 week, to every 2 weeks, 3 weeks or every 4 weeks – the choice is yours.

Selecting ” Change Subscription ” will take you to the product page to select your new subscription preferences.

Selecting ” Change Subscription ” takes you to the product page of your original order item – from there you can select if you’d like to change your coffee’s grind from Whole Bean to Ground, as well as the frequency of delivery.

When cancelling ,

Note: Cancelling your Gustos Coffee Subscription after a recent renewal charge will not trigger a refund of that charge. You must cancel your coffee subscription before your next renewal charge in order to prevent the charge.  

To cancel your subscription Go to your main account Dashboard > select “ Subscriptions 

Under your subscriptions menu, hover towards your current order, and click on the order number or tap on “ View 

This will then take you to your subscription order details > scroll towards the Cancel button. and select it.


Once you cancel, you do have an opportunity to Reactivate Subscription

After pressing Cancel, you will be redirected to your orders page again, except this time you’ll notice a ” Subscription Cancelled ” confirmation at the top left corner of your order details. You may also Reactivate your subscription if you accidentally cancelled by mistake.

As you’ll notice all your Account details concerning your regular coffee orders, subscription orders and any details can all be easily managed from your account Dashboard.

We hope this quick guide has summarized the main steps on managing your Gustos Coffee Subscription.

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