SCA Barista Certificates Program – How It Works

SCA Barista Certificates Program – How It Works

SCA Certificate Programs are built on decades of knowledge, research, and real-world experience designed to help you create a successful career in the coffee industry. Our focus on is not only on the quality of our curriculum, but how that curriculum prepares learners to achieve their goals and directly utilize their certificate or diploma to find a successful, rewarding career. SCA certifications are recognized and sought out by employers around the world, making your resumé stand out.


  • 1 . SCA develops learning objectives and exams for certificate program courses.
  • 2. Authorized SCA Trainers offer these courses on a set schedule.
  • 3. Courses are made available based on the program learning outcomes.
  • 4. Following the course, each learner takes a practical exam;
  • 5. Learner passes educative course
  • 6. Receive a completion certificate


The SCA’s Coffee Skills Program consists of education in the following specialties within the coffee industry; Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting. Together these modules of learning are known as the SCA Coffee Skills Program. Students can take advantage of learning through three stages of knowledge and skills in each module: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional.


Sustainability must be embraced by all actors in the value chain if the specialty coffee industry is to survive. The Coffee Sustainability Program is designed to explore what “sustainability” means and the challenges of acting sustainably across the coffee value chain through three stages of learning (Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional). Through the program, students can expect to build skills that include: the ability to articulate broad sustainability challenges across the value chain, lead others in discussion and practice of these issues and ultimately identify, develop, and carry out and assess a sustainability effort that fits within their own organization.


Our courses are taught by Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) in advanced leading training facilities to cover all your education needs.

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