Coffee, a great ally to the environment.

Coffee, a great ally to the environment.

When you enjoy a cup of Puerto Rican coffee every morning, you’re not only supporting our local agriculture and dedicated coffee growers; you are also contributing to earth’s habitat.


Among the countess benefits coffee provides, using your otherwise discarded grounds as fertilizer is ideal for plant nourishment both indoor and out. The way coffee slowly releases it’s nutrients and minerals to the soil, enables the plant to better absorb and process these nutrients, which contribute to the microorganisms that promote the growth of plants and grass in gardens.Likewise, coffee grounds may be used as part of a natural pesticide or repellent against insects that may weaken or damage plants.


Shade grown and high altitude coffee plantations harbor a great biological diversity and are fundamental to avoid erosion and runoff in the soils. They are very valuable in their contribution to the surrounding ecosystem, helping in the capture and retention of rainwater. Coffee plants help to preserve the forests and conserve water, promote the production of oxygen, absorb and store carbon in the trunks and roots of the coffee bushes, thus eliminating the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2).Another important contribution is that it forms part of the natural ecosystem by preserving diverse species and wildlife.


Through the Gustos Foundation, Omar Torres and Grisel León, have the mission to help promote and support their local coffee plantations in Yauco Puerto Rico donating coffee trees at no cost to local coffee growers in the area, as part of their commitment to the community of Yauco, it’s people and agriculture.

In the past three years, the foundation has donated more than 100,000 coffee trees in order to strengthen the agriculture in Puerto Rico.

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