How To Brew The Best Chemex Coffee

How To Brew The Best Chemex Coffee

A Brighter, Cleaner Cup

During your coffee tasting journey you come across different ways of brewing the good stuff, yet for all the brewing devices available today, the Chemex coffee maker continues to stand out as the brightest innovation.

Invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, he sought to create a device that could brew perfect coffee.

A lot of thought and consideration went into the Chemex’s functionality; from the coffee chemistry, to its glass design and the thick paper filters – all in hopes of removing unwanted bitterness while still retaining full flavor.

The Chemex is considered “one of the best-designed products of modern times” and is featured as part of the MOMA‘s permanent collection. ( Museum Of Modern Art )

” Like all good things, full flavor takes time — and your own special touch. The CHEMEX®Coffeemaker delivers only the elements essential to rich coffee flavor, so that your personal taste and approach shine through.”

-Chemex Coffee

What makes Chemex unique ?

Aside from it’s stunning design – what makes this coffee maker unique is its singular solid piece of borosilicate glass (pyrex) with integrated cone, spout and decanter in one.

The unique shape of the Chemex aids during the brewing process by providing aeration and an even temperature retention for rich coffee extraction, unlike anything else before it.

Modeled after scientific lab equipment, it features a simple wooden collar , that’s attached and held on by a leather strap. This makes it safe and convenient to hold as necessary during or after the brewing process.

The unique design of the Chemex brewer, in conjunction with the extra thick filtration paper, all need special care and attention during the brewing process to deliver a superior cup of coffee.

 Chemex How To

What You’ll Need:

✔️Chemex: The brewer of choice is the 6-Cup Chemex – we find it’s the perfect size for brewing multiple cups of coffee.

✔️Chemex Bonded Filters :  A definite must have – part of the success of the Chemex is these bonded paper filters. They efficiently remove the bitter flavors and stray components (oils) during your brew, due to their thickness, and allows for a brighter and cleaner cup of coffee.

✔️Gooseneck Kettle: Precision is what brewing with a Chemex is all about. A good gooseneck kettle, will help you have better control over your pour.

✔️Scale: Consistency is key! -Aside from grinding your coffee correctly, weighing your coffee with a gram Scale, will provide you with a more balanced brew every time.

*When brewing with a Chemex or any pour over/immersion method, a scale will help you determine the amount of coffee and water you’re going to need for each particular brew (recipe/ratios).

Using exact measurements during this brew guide will help you accomplish an exceptional cup of Chemex coffee.

Chemex Brewing Recipe

Coffee : La Montaña, Yauco, P.R. ( Taza de Oro 2020 ) – Gustos Reserva

Ratio : 1:16 (30g of coffee / 480g of water)

Brewing Time : 3:30

Water Temp : 195° F / 90.5°C

Grind Size : Medium Coarse Grind

When approaching your first brew make sure to familiarize yourself with the equipment, brewing steps and the brewing process before you begin. *

1. Heat filtered water to 195°F

Bring filtered water to a rolling boil at 195°F

2. Unfold & place bonded filter

While the water is heating prepare your filter.
Make sure to align and center the thickest part of your filter to the spout.

* Next, Pre-wet filter with hot water. Swirl the water around to heat the Chemex vessel and discard water, ( we recommend pouring into your coffee cup for pre heating )

3. Grind your coffee

Grind your coffee up to a medium coarse texture, kind of like sea salt, and pour into your filter.

4. Gently settle the coffee grounds

Firmly hold your Chemex and give it a gentle tap or nudge to settle the coffee bed – this will make for an even extraction while brewing.

5. Bloom the coffee

i. Pour: 60g of water making sure you wet (saturate) all coffee grounds to start the bloom

ii. Allow your coffee to bloom for 30 seconds

Importance of blooming your coffee :

When hot water comes in contact with fresh coffee it releases Co2 and allows the hot water to make better contact with the grounds, for better flavor extraction.

First Pour

After blooming your coffee:

Divide your pour in three intervals – with an average of 50 seconds between each pour.

You will be pouring in increments of 140g of water at each interval, in a gentle circular motion, going from the inside (center of the coffee bed) moving outwards, making sure to saturate all your coffee grounds.

 1st pour – 140g

wait 50 seconds as the coffee percolates

Second Pour

As with the previous pour, repeat with the same motion, gently saturating the grounds in a circular motion and wait around 50 secs until your final pour.

 2nd pour – 140g

Final pour

Repeat the same pour pattern as before, gently covering the coffee bed, ensuring an even saturation.

 3rd and final pour – 140g of water

Allow water to drip through

• Allow the water to finally continue to brew, as it drips completely into the bottom vessel.

Remove coffee filter

Once brewing is finished, toss out or recycle the filter and coffee grounds – serve and enjoy!
How To Make Chemex Coffee Brew Guide San Juan Puerto Rico

Serve and enjoy!

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