How to Make Perfect Coffee with a Hario V60

How to Make Perfect Coffee with a Hario V60

In this blog post on Brewing Coffee from Home, we will be sharing a simple coffee recipe on how to make a great cup of Gustos Reserva Yauco, with the Hario V60 brewing method.

What is a V60?

You might have spotted these at your local Gustos Café, or community coffee shop and might have been wondering why the barista is pouring hot water into a filtered ‘cone’ as coffee drips into a glass vessel.

What you are seeing is actually another way of brewing coffee. A v60 is a type of manual coffee brewer. The name comes from the shape of the brewing cone, as it is “V” shaped with angles of 60° degrees and has internal walls that feature interior “waves” that allow for air flow during the brewing process.

This particular method is a favorite amongst baristas and is served at many cafés alike because of the level of control you are able to have during the whole process of brewing. Giving you a more consistent, delicious cup of coffee.

Benefits of pour over coffee

  • Easy control over temperature stability
  • Better control over water flow, for even extraction
  • Ability to ‘dial-in’ make adjustments during brewing

All this results in a better tasting cup of coffee.

” The benefit of the Pour over drip method lies in the control you have over the flow rate of hot water as it passes through the fresh coffee grounds, extracting more flavor and aroma “.


What you will need

  1. Fresh Coffee ( or fresh ground is fine )
  2. V60
  3. V60 paper Filters
  4. Decanter or Coffee Mug
  5. Grinder
  6. Filtered water (not distilled) Hot at 200° F / 93.3° C
  7. Gram Scale
  8. Timer
  9. Spoon

Coffee ratio

For this recipe we will be using a 1:16 Ratio. This means that we will be using 1 gram of coffee for every 16g of water.  

1 cup: 20g coffee : 320 g Water

Brew time

Brew time will be approx 3 minutes  

Coffee grind size

Your grind size should be a medium grind similar to ‘coarse sand’.

Close up view of fresh coarse coffee grounds
Coffee grind for the V60 should be like coarse sand

Let’s get started

  1. Place your decanter and V60 drip brewer with filter on top of scale
  2. Pre-wet your filter with hot water, making sure all paper is wet. Discard water. 
  3. Add 20g of freshly ground coffee to filter.


Fresh Ground Coffee inside a Glass Hario V60 Pour Over Drip Brewer
20g of fresh ground coffee

4. Make sure to tare your scale to zero after adding the coffee so you have the right measurement of water.

6. Slowly pour 40g of water in circular motion to start the bloom. It is important that completely saturate the grounds in this step. 

7. Let the coffee bloom for 45 seconds .  

Close up of Coffee Bloom Hario V60 Pour Over
Allow coffee to bloom.

8. After 45 seconds start your first pour adding 140 grams of water poring consistently in circular motions moving from the center to the outside of the bed, making sure not to touch the filter. Your scale must be at 180 grams

Using a Fellow Kettle Pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a Hario V60 drip brewer
Pour in consistent circular motions.

During this time you can stir your wet grounds with a spoon for 20-30 seconds, 

Stirring the Coffee Gorunds in the Hario V60 Pour Over Drip Cone
Stir for approx. 20-30 sec.

9. When your timer is at 1:30 start making your second pour of 140 grams using the same technique as before. 

Hario V60 Manual Pour Over Brewing Method on top of Acaia gram scale
Serve & enjoy!

10. Coffee should finish brewing between 2:45 to 3 minutes. 

Serve & Enjoy! You’ve earned it.

The V60 is a great tool for learning about manual brewing

With the V60 you’ll be able to experiment with different variables achieving a cup of coffee that’s more suitable to your taste and preferences. One more reason why this is a great tool for learning all about manually brewing coffee.

The V60 is a rewarding brewing method that’s perfect for beginners and more experienced users alike. With some patience and practice you”ll be brewing clean cups of coffee that are sweet tasting with complex acidity and great body.

Bag of Specialty Coffee from Yauco Puerto Rico Gustos Coffee Co Brewing At Home
Discover Gustos Reserva – Yauco, Puerto Rico

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